Thursday, January 30, 2014

Praying, to Make You Amazing

If you asked by someone 'What's your resolution in this year ?'.  Maybe you have many thing to tell to your friend. You can answer to become a good person, better in examination, better score, more kind, taking care of someone, and many more.
But me, I confused at the first time I asked by my friend what is my resolution. I try think a unique thing. But at the first time I still not find it. I try to answer to be a better person, but I think it's too mainstream. As same as better in examination, it's too usual.
But now I find a good answer I think. I will pray 5 times a day punctually. Usually people underestimate a little things like pray. Pray is a needs, not an obligation. I believe if I wish to God, God will answer me. Anything started from the God. You pray is same like you communicate with God. If you will, just ask to God. If God will, your pray will answered.

I think that's all that I can share from this blog. I hope you get some inspiration and knowledge.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hidden Treasure in Tlogowaru

Sometimes, we realize there are some places which we never see. It can be a forest, fields, village, and many more. In this time I would like to show you my exploration around Tlogowaru to find some hidden places that maybe you've never known. In this post I will ell you about :


This place located at Wonokoyo, Tlogowaru near Wonokoyo Fish Pond. Bumi Perkemahan Wonokoyo was established in August 25th 2003 by Malang's mayor at that time, Mr Suyitno. When first time i see this place, I feel there is nothing special there. There are just a grassfield in a forest near fish pond and there are small bathroom at the back side of the field. But this place has a very long history especially for scout student. Usually scout competition was held at that place. Sometimes many scout groups make a weekend camp or jambore at that place. 

Establishment Monument of Bumi Perkemahan Wonokoyo

Establishment Monument of Bumi Perkemahan Wonokoyo

For a camp, that place is located very strategically. That place is near a forest, near a fount, near a village and also near a graveyard. We can do anything in a forest, maybe exploring, searching some rare animals and plants, and many more. If we held a camp, we always need water supply. This place fulfill every water we need. We don't need to run for a very long distance to find water. We can find it easily there. In every camp usually have a schedule for community service. We can walk to the village near that place and help people in the village. In the village near that place. There are many people that need our help. It can make our camp more easier because we don't need to search a village and help them because the village already near the field. Usually in educational and training event, there are a schedule for midnight walking. Usually we do that activities in a graveyard. This place fulfill our need for the graveyard. We can easily go to a graveyard because there are a graveyard near the field. 

Bumi Perkemahan Field

Scout Monument

Maybe you can find this place and take a look for it. Hope you can enjoy !!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Three Things That Describe Me

           Hello ! This is my first post on my new blog. I already have my blog since I was in Junior High School, but my last blog already have a theme. So, if I post something that outside of my theme it will make my last blog looks bad.
            Lets back to my topic. Three Things That Describe Me. Firstly, I will tell you when I try to think about inspiration, it feels so hard because I can't look into myself deeply. Then I try to ask to my friend and I got these things that I think it can describe myself enough.

1. Curtain

           I got this thing from my friend, Feli. I thing curtain is symbolize of flexible person. When people around me needs to close their problems, I will close their problem for them. But when people around me needs some light, needs some inspirations, I will give my motivation for them. But I have my own problem, so I must to manage my time for my friends and me.

Firefly Pointer